Jose Fragoso is a kid’s books author and illustrator.

He is the writer and illustrator of the children´s book "La Increíblemente Alucinante Historia de Marcial, el niño normal" and "My Voice / Mi Voz", .published in Spain by Narval Editores and in the US by Green Seeds Publishing

He studied Cartoon Animation and Graphic Design in Madrid (Spain) and Illustration at School Of Visual Arts New York.  
His illustrations have appeared in children´s books, magazines, comic books and album artworks in Spain and US, with clients as Sony Music or Instituto Cervantes New York and publications as 3x3 Magazine and Creative Quarterly

He teaches Illustration at Instituto Cervantes New York and Chicago or United Nations International School, between others. 

Jose is the in-house illustrator and story-board artist at Picture Farm Production, where he helps their directors visualize their ideas and serves as a valuable member in many of their projects, discussing the relative merits of many decisions from conception to the final product with a clear, strong creative voice.

He is a proud member of the Society of Illustrators and the SCBWI Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.

He is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency.

He is the co-creator of the children´s books App Mr Glue Stories.

He believes in Jean-Jacques Sempé, Sir Quentin Blake, Charles Addams and the Muppets.

He lives in Chicago with his wife, his two daughters and his french bulldog, his hands are always inky and he is muy feliz.



Author & Illustrator:

2018, “Palacio EL Capricho, Un Museo para una Duquesa”, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Spain.

2018, "Mi Voz", spanish picture book, Narval Editores, ISBN: 978-84-948193-4-6

2018, "My Voice / Mi Voz", dual boardbook, Green Seeds Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-5136-3152-3

2018, "My Voice / Mi Voz", dual picture book, Green Seeds Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-5136-3153-0

2017, "My Voice", Think Equal, Fall 2017.

2017, "La increíblemente alucinante historia de Marcial, el niño normal", Narval Editores, ISBN: 978-84-944642-7-0

2017, "La increïblement al·lucinant història d’en Marçal, el nen normal, ISBN 978-84-944642-9-4

2017, "Martzial ume normalaren istorio izugarri harrigarria", ISBN 978-84-944642-8-7


2019, “La Princesa Sara No Para”, by Margarita del Mazo, NubeOcho, Summer 2019.

2019, “Listos para el Fútbol”, by Álvaro Galán, SCHOLASTIC, January 2019.

2018, “El Sueño de Andrés”, by Gina Jaramillo, Alfaguara Penguin Random House.

2017, "Manny the Manta Ray", by Jon Cox. Think Equal, Fall 2017.

2016, “Mission Cookpossible”, Chadlington Enterprises ABC Ltd, London.

2015, "Thank You Zoo", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B00XWBXDGC

2015, "Tooth and Claw", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B0106CFWRW

2014, "Pirates Before Breakfast", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B00XXULME2

2014, "The House of Clocks", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B00U1EIFWA

2014, "A Christmas Rescue", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B00ZAQP8ME

2014, "The Great Race", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B00Y0HHPF2

2014, "Journey to the Stars", by Amelia Thorne. ISBN: B00XYB5DJA

2014, "Trastorno del Espectro Autista de Alto Funcionamiento. Otra forma de Aprender", published by Editorial CEPE. ISBN: 9788478698547

2012, “Cosas de Niños”. Released by SONY Music. 

2012, “The Guide to the Autistic Teens”, by Deletrea Association for Autistic Children.

2011, “Puggle In Pajamas”. ISBN: 1452012555. “Best Books of 2014 Editor´s Choice”,

2011, “S.O.S. Songs from Outer Space”, 2011. ISBN: 978-84-614-5869-1

2010, “Guía del Autismo”, by Deletrea Association for Autistic Children.

2008, "Los Niños Pequeños y el Autismo", from Editorial CEPE. ISBN: 9788478696734

1997-2005, “El teléfono móvil”, “Antología: de La Codorniz a La Golondriz”, published by “Biblioteca de La Golondriz”, Spain.

Jose Fragoso and Manuela Carmena during the book presentation of MI VOZ at the Madrid Book Fair 2018.

Jose Fragoso and Manuela Carmena during the book presentation of MI VOZ at the Madrid Book Fair 2018.


josefragoso at fragosoart dot com

Jose Fragoso is also the creator of the comic strip SORRY NO PETS: you can follow it here:

Interview for Ilustrando Dudas (in Spanish).